Little Death

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Hey, I'm Max.
I rock the guitar in You Me At Six
and work Antique Clothing.
I resemble a hedgehog, smoke, drink, party, love life and get high on occasion.
I hate pineapples.

jaimes mum always calls jaime and says how much she loves me and its really adorable. his mumma is the greatest.

too tired to do anything

Love me muppet boy

I know you love me I know you care just shout whenever and ill be there you are my love you are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart

Baby take me on a journey I've been thinking lately I could use a little time alone with you crazy I've been thinking lately you've been on my mind you've got me right where you want me

Run away with me let me be your ride out of town let me be the place that you hide we can make our lives on the go run away with me

I'm gonna serenade you to make you feel important baby <3

i talk to jaime about the weirdest things to exist, i swear

1 year ago
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i cant stop laughing

i cant stop laughing

1 year ago
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remember when i wasnt hungry? me either